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The Fine Group has undertaken a considerable amount of work for the Fire Service, Police, and industrial companies in the Oil and Gas industry and rescue organisations. The type of product we have designed, developed and manufactured for these sectors include bags, pouches specialist containers for high pressure hoses, rope storage, grab bags, and quick release items using our Ripsafe™ technology. We have provided design and development services for several Fire Service operators and are proud to have been instrumental in supplying Working at Height solutions to Norfolk Fire Brigade.

Norfolk Fire Brigade - a head for heights

  The emergency services play a vital role in looking after the health and wellbeing of the nation. Hopefully most of us will never have to call on any one of these services to save or protect our lives, but we all need to be reassured that when they are called upon, the services are working with the very best equipment available.
When Norfolk Fire Brigade was looking at rucksacks and carry cases to support their Working at Height rescue duties, they originally thought that they would require three separate bags. Firemen require a multitude of essential equipment such as lines, harnesses and stretchers to enable the service to carry out rescue operations, at height, or down below ground, efficiently and effectively. They need a container versatile enough to carry sufficient safety equipment to cover every contingency, for not only the person being rescued, but for his rescuer too.
Working very closely with the Fine Group’s design team and after considerable research, it became apparent that three separate carrying cases or bags could be unwieldy and unnecessary, and that a single rucksack would suffice. When rushing to the scene of an incident, when seconds may be vital, the advantages of a single bag are obvious. In saying that, a single rucksack had to be comfortable and not unwieldy to the wearer, who may be required to work in extreme conditions and move at speed.
The Fine rucksack solution certainly met all of these criteria, weighing only a manageable 25kgs, when fully laden with essential rescue materials. The design of these rucksacks offered multiple configurations and featured non-removable, purpose-built storage pouches, to eliminate the possibility of vital equipment not being packed for the next emergency. The rucksacks are by necessity extremely rugged and manufactured in washable PVC coated nylon.
The rucksacks are now being trialled by Norfolk Fire Service. 

Updated: 10/13/2009 11:40
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