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The Fine Group is involved with major manufacturers and health service providers who require lifting and handling solutions for individuals who may be classed as requiring Bariatric care. Mattresses fall into this category and we completely understand how the design of them can affect tissues and the need for even distribution. Our choice of fabrics allows comfortable repositioning with minimal sheer and friction. The Fine Group is willing to work with you to produce designs and solutions to meet the needs of independent care.
With so much attention to detail required with these mattresses, we prefer to offer a design and development solution that is ‘fit for purpose’, rather than adapting original designs for lower or different weight specifications.
The nature of Bariatric products and their use often results in continuous contact with textiles. In all instances, we select textiles that meet the requirements of medical care and do not lead to cytotoxic reactions.
We are a mainstream design, development and contract manufacturer working with the medical supplies industry. Our designs, or your designs, use your preferred materials, or are made from materials already employed in standard slings such as Polyester solid net, parachute nylon, fleece, polyurethane, webbing and padding.
The Fine Group develops and manufactures solutions to meet the precise requirements of your patients, distributors and their sales teams. We support mainstream medical manufacturers, hospitals, health service groups, medical device manufacturers, distributors, and mobility equipment manufacturers. With the added advantage of a dedicated UK design and development department, we are capable of producing small prototype runs to test and validate prior to full scale manufacture, either in the UK or China.

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