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Ripsafe - Tool / Kit Rucksack

In many walks of life, technicians, service and maintensnce personnel need to carry the tools of their trade. Obviously our wide range of tool belts and carrying bags are ideally suited to the task, but certain roles have a requirement for the carrying of more substantial items.
In these situations, a rucksack is perfect for the job. It allows the wearer to carry relatively large and heavy equipment for extended periods in comfort and relative ease. But what happens in those situations and environments where personnel are working in extremely confined spaces? They could become a hazard and trap individuals.
With the Fine Groupís Ripsafe quick release rucksack this potential problem is completely eliminated; allowing the wearer to remove the rucksack immediately and easily. Standard harnesses require two hands, some effort and calmness to release. Not the Ripsafe. The Ripsafe has a unique, one-handed quick release Ė keeping the user safe, without sacrificing any of the benefits offered by the rucksack.
There are also other scenarios where a Ripsafe rucksack can prevent life-endangering situations. Personnel wearing a standard rucksack can be snagged by a moving vehicle and dragged, out of control, into serious danger. Equally, working with machinery can pose a risk - the wearer caught by the equipment. With Ripsafe, these dangerous situations can be avoided.
In addition to the safety factor, the Ripsafe from the Fine Group offers the following benefits:
  • instant removal by a work colleague
  • available in high visibility fabric
  • breathable materials ensure wearer comfort
  • water resistant
  • lightweight, yet extremely robust construction
The Ripsafe is currently in use by many of the UKís leading companies in a variety of potentially hazardous environments. The productís success is attributable to the Fine Groupís ability to identify a problem, formulate a solution and then deliver an execellent result through innovation in design and manufacture. Typically, Ripsafes are used by the following industries and professional services
  • Transport - especially Rail
  • Oil, Offshore and Maritime
  • Mining
  • Search & Rescue
  • Agriculture
  • Heavy industry - plant and machinery
  • Emergency Services
  • Police & Fire

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Ripsafe - Tool / Kit Rucksack
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