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The Fine Group’s logistics systems and structure are tailored to the requirements of individual clients and their precise demand schedules. We can support pull system “Kanban” style, consigned stock programs, scheduled call-offs and normal placement systems. Our team is familiar with demand prediction and has provided demand management methodology incorporating standard deviation calculation methods to ensure on time and efficient stock deliveries.
In every instance, we design those systems to operate efficiently, keeping unused stock to a minimum, whilst ensuring that regular supplies, once called upon, reach the right destination at the right time. For production carried out at our Chinese factory, we arrange and negotiate with international freight carriers and forwarders the most cost effective sea and airfreight means for consignments, dependent on the time scale involved.
In many instances stock is held at our Hong Kong warehouse, which provides a further 16,000 sq feet of storage space. Whilst logistics are controlled from Wembley, forwarding can be direct from Hong Kong to customers, anywhere in the world, or back to us in the UK if further finishing work is required or call programmes are required.
As a further facility, and to ensure that the supply of finished article to our customers is seamless and ‘ready to go’ to their clients, we take care of supplying and including printed instruction manuals, safety labelling, primary display packaging and branded cartons. It’s all designed to minimise further handling by our customers.

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