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The Fine Group’s dedicated in-house textile design and development team has extensive experience in a broad range of market sectors. The team carries out continuous research into new materials, technologies, manufacturing techniques and fittings to ensure that we offer state-of-the-art solutions. For us, one approach to satisfy all scenarios is definitely not the case. Our expertise is such, that once briefed, we can provide the ideal ’fit for purpose’ bespoke solution.

To aid this programme, we use advanced computer aided technology. We recently installed a brand new Lectra Integrated technology system at our manufacturing resource in China. This is a sister piece of equipment to that installed recently at our UK factory. The decision to install the same system was logical; providing complete compatibility throughout our worldwide manufacturing resource. The Lectra system provides CAD/CAM software for design and hardware for manufacturing combined.
Quite naturally the design team works very closely with production engineering department to ensure that the approved designs are manufactured in the most efficient and cost effective way. We also design to exacting industry performance standards including:
  • BS EN471   
  • BS5742
  • BS EN531   
  • BS7141
  • BS EN533   
  • BS7176
  • GORT           
  • BS EN1021
  • BS EN812          
  • BS EN ISO 105
  • ISO 8191     
  • ISO 9001

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