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Market Sectors

The Fine Group provides a wide range of textile assembly solutions and products to many different markets, sub-markets and associated sectors. Our prime markets are:
  • Military
    The Fine Group has been supplying the government, military authorities and defence contractors with custom textile engineering solutions across a wide range of products for many years now.
  • Medical
    The Fine Group has a long history of engineering with textiles for the medical care and emergency sectors. We provide personal care solutions for associations, trusts and independent living.
  • Fire & Rescue
    The Fine Group has decades of experience supplying the fire and rescue services as well as for the crisis and risk management sector.
  • Local Government
    The Fine Group is well versed in the provision of bespoke solutions in textiles for local government including the police, fire service and medical emergency services, security and schools.
  • Industrial
    Over the years, the Fine Group has designed and manufactured for the Industrial market. Probably, more than any other market in which we operate, this is the most diverse and embraces products for the specific rail and transport, airline, electrical goods, military electrical equipment suppliers and telecommunications sectors.
  • Health & Safety
    The Fine Group has many years experience of manufacturing products for the fast growing health & safety market.

A more comprehensive listing of sub-markets and associated sectors is outlined under each of the listed main categories above.

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